Car recycling Bedfordshire

As part of a car recycling Bedfordshire, valuable raw materials are extracted from your vehicle for further processing and you receive a reasonable price for this. Find out today!

There will come a time when you will have to part with your beloved car. Scrap or old cars that are no longer suitable for driving must be disposed of professionally and in an environmentally friendly way with recycling. Cars that can no longer be offered for sale as used cars must be scrapped by a certified disposal company.


We are happy to do this work for you.

Simply leaving a disused vehicle on the side of the road instead of disposing of it is of course forbidden in United Kingdom. According to the legal regulations, the liquids must first be drained from a vehicle during car recycling, because waste oil and other dangerous chemicals must not get into the groundwater.

Engine oil, washer fluid, cooling water and fuel must be pumped out. The usable spare parts are then removed for resale. The vehicle then goes into the garbage compactor and the shredder. Shredded parts are then sorted again.

Actively protect the environment and have your disused vehicle picked up by the Emission Recovery Service. We take care of the environmentally friendly scrapping at a certified specialist company. You will only receive a recycling certificate as proof from these certified specialist companies. You can then use this to prove to the local vehicle registration office that the vehicle was properly disposed of.

Turn your old car into cash

Incidentally, good money can sometimes be earned with an old, worn-out vehicle.

Scrap metal mills are looking for steel that can be extracted from the wrecked cars.

However, the waste disposal companies also have to budget for the corresponding costs for environmentally friendly recycling.

  • How much money you can make with your old car also depends on a number of other factors:
  • Current demand for components as spare parts
  • Condition of the components
  • Age of the vehicle

Especially young car models or old models where there is a lot of demand for parts are worth more than cars where there is no need for parts.

If the car is still reasonably in order, you might consider selling it on your own.

Try a car sales exchange on the Internet. Or ask your local used car dealer if they can still sell you something for your old car.