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About car towing

The towing industry is increasingly growing in popularity thanks to the many numbers of vehicles on the roads. Heavy traffic essentially means higher chances of breakdowns on the roads necessitating roadside assistance, rescue, and recovery from tow trucks. While it is expected that handling such breakdowns would be very straightforward, there are numerous hitches that are encountered by these operators and the industry in general.

Every time a tow truck driver is out at work, there is always some danger that glares at them. Not only is it a hazardous work but also a niche kind of occupation where not anyone can pop in and carry out the required duties.

Those who have been in the towing industry for long, have witnessed different consumer trends come and others go. With the continued advent of new vehicles with different operating systems, customers are also switching in what they need from towing companies. They expect better ways of handling their newer cars in comparison to how the previous models were handled. 

Towing businesses grow based on their ability to satisfy the customer needs by providing quality customer service on every call they receive. 

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Emission Recovery Service has been established since 2015 serving many clients across the UK.

Our Services are 24/7, with fast and responsive recoveries. We recover vehicles from all over the UK including motorway breakdowns and auction car pickups.

Covering areas such as: Luton, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, Letchworth London, Yorkshire and many more.

Give us a call for your Quotation for your swift recovery! 07824099199